katya. girl. addicted to NBA & football

“whatever makes you feel bad, leave it. whatever makes you smile, keep it.”
When I compete, I expect to win every time.”
- Rajon Rondo

x (thanks for the link anon!)

okay i’m happy it’s a draw but awesome goal from Duda
time to watch ACM and go to sleep


coffee or tea

books or movies 

fruits or vegetables

headphones or earbuds

laptops or pc

facebook or tumblr

netflix or tv 

hardcover or paperback

tv or movies

hp or thg

light or dark

salt or pepper

starbucks or dunkin donuts

reading or writing

writing or drawing

hot or cold

talking or listening

instruments or voice

cake or cupcakes

black or white

sunset or sunrise

colours of the sea

i know that you believe that we don’t have a future together. but wade kinsella, you are just so wrong. and i’m going to prove it. as long as it takes. i’m not giving up

Los Angeles, California; 1990

August Alsina
Porn Star
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